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Quantum Mechanics

(4th edition)

The volume presents a consistent delineation of the physical essentials and a body of mathematics for quantum mechanics and the application of the latter to a whole range of problems. The bulk of the book is in compliance with the requirements of a standard University curriculum of the course of quantum mechanics and comprises all its sections. In fact this volume is a manual of the canonical course of quantum mechanics which is a part of the course of theoretical physics taught to the 3rd and 4th year students taking a University major in physics. Special attention is paid to numerous illustrations testifying to the relatedness of physical phenomena to the wave function as a fundamental quantity and its phase as well as to the principle of superposition and a philosophical treatment of the probability concept of quantum mechanics and quantum information. The text abounds in exemplary problems, both traditional and original, the latter being generally excluded from handbooks. The solution of such problems allows for a more in-depth understanding and a more controlled perception of the material on the part of the reader. The presented sketch of the creation of quantum mechanics and concomitant historical flash-backs are part and parcel of the physicist's culture. The book encompasses a number of digressions and footnotes containing interesting, at times unexpected, problems and adducing analogies from classical mechanics as well as music, art, etc. They are meant to attract the attention of the reader to the existing natural correlations between various phenomena which are also relevant for human activity and to demonstrate the power and universality of mathematics in their analysis.

The volume is meant for students, postgraduate students and researchers. It will also be of use to teachers and all those who are interested in quantum physics.