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Illia Talyansky, Professor

Professor of the Department

Telephone:+380 322 728080 (office)
E-mail: chair/cgi-bin/KTF/.Franko.Lviv.UA

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Recent Publications

  1. I. I. Talyansky, A. T. Maksymov
    Time dependent velocity autocorrelation functions of clusters with cyclic boundary conditions // Journal of Physical Studies (Lviv), 1997, v.1, p.564-569 (in Ukrainian).
  2. I. I. Talyansky
    Calculation of Crystal Green's Function for Semiparabolic Model of Density of States. // Ukr. Fiz. Zhurn., 1996, v.41, p.849-853. (in Ukrainian).
  3. I. I. Talyansky
    Investigation of Lattice Vibration by Means of Clusters with Cyclic Boundary Conditions.// Journal of Physical Studies (Lviv), 1996, v.1, p.106-109 (in Ukrainian).