Professor, D.Sc.

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Research interests: statistical physics; Bose–Einstein condensation; thermodynamic and field-theoretical approaches for weakly-interacting bosons; systems obeying fractional statistics; quantitative methods in social sciences and humanities; studies of writing systems; history of science
Courses: Electrodynamics, Theoretical Physics; Physics of Bose-systems, Exotic statistics; Selected Issues of Modern Natural Sciences: Physics (for the Philosophical Faculty)

Habilitation Thesis    Bose-statistics and fractional types of statistics in the many-body theory and related problems

PhD Thesis    A self-consistent calculation of interatomic potentials and thermodynamic functions of helium-4 in superfluid and normal phase

Other interests:

Writing systems

Solomija Buk, Andrij Rovenchak. On-line concordance of Ivan Franko's novel Perekhresni stezhky (The Cross-Paths)