Mathematical disciplines
General physical disciplines
Special physical disciplines
Disciplines for mechanico-mathematical and philosophical faculties

The language of instruction is Ukrainian.
For courses marked with [EN], instruction is also available in English.

Mathematical disciplines:

General physical disciplines:

Special physical disciplines:

Introduction to the Many-Body Theory
Functional Methods of Quantum Theory
Operator Methods of Theoretical Physics
Differential Geometry and Vector Analysis

Theory of Quantum Liquids
[EN] Supersymmetry in quantum mechanics
Quantum statictical physics
Density Functional Method in the Theory of Condensed Matter

Quantum Field Theory
[EN] Physics of Bose-Systems
Mathematical Aspects of Quantum Mechanics
Quantum Information
Selected Issues of the Gravitation Theory

Selected Issues of the Quantum Statistical Physocs
New Problems of Quantum Mechanics
Exactly Solvable Problems in Statistical Physics
[EN] Exotic Statistics

Disciplines for the Mechanico-Mathematical and Philosophical Faculties: